Maryam performs Odissi as a soloist, in a duet and as part of the Odissi Ensemble in the UK. Her dance style is enigmatic and sincere, with a natural and strong command of Odissi technique. Maryam's devotion to understanding the many layers, stories and philosophical framework of the dance have developed her expressive capacity to communicate the flavour and essence of Odissi, and to share this love and transformative experience with audiences everywhere. 

As well as pure Odissi, Maryam explores another world of movement in her Freeflower project; an expression grounded in beauty, presence and love. Bringing to life the style, grace and refinement that her classical training has brought her, we are taken on a journey as we watch stories unfold and energy be transformed before our eyes with poise, elegance and a presence we can connect with. It is Maryam's love of dance, and a desire to create a platform for her own personal expression through movement, that has led to the creation of Freeflower.

Details of upcoming performances can be found in Events. If you would like Maryam to perform at your event, you are welcome to be in touch.